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2011 - Icon Post 004

Uggg Guys, I started off having fun making icons and things this year, but then college and work and home took the best of me and therefore I haven't had time to update, I haven't even had time to keep up with everyone and I really miss a lot of you so please come and have a chat to me before Christmas I feel rather lonely on here, maybe you feel like I deserted you :( So I decided to post the icons I have made in the last little bit of this year there is not a lot, I am hoping for a better year next year with making things so we shall see, I dunno if you see any improvements of anything, just tell me if you think I have something to improve on :) So here is the batch and enjoy it!


Anyway In other news school is going really well I am enjoying my subjects I took Health and Social Care, Applied Science and Psychology and I am really happy in how they turned out, cause I was worried that I wouldn't like them, thank god that I do, I have exams in January so I am scared about that and well I need to get revising! For those that didn't know I did get a Christmas job, it has been a good experience and I can't wait for it to finish, though I have enjoyed getting the money from it yay! I think next time I would like to get a job closer to home so I can just walk there instead!

Also if you didn't know my brother is obsessed with going to the gym and making new workouts etc... and of course I go to the gym but we go to different ones, seen as he has come back for Christmas we went to the gym together and he was showing me some muscle building workouts and I tell you know, my muscles are killing! LOL - not that I want to build my muscles but whatever it was fun haha :)

Last thing is I wanted to show you my favourite dance from strictly come dancing this year which was amazing and Harry Judd won, mmmm he is sexy! Yes yes! So watch this sexy dance before you go!!!

SOOO PERFECT RIGHT! Oh and last thing 2 albums you need to download One Direction and Michael Buble's Christmas album get them now or I will hunt you down!!!! I love you all and defiantly miss you all!

comments are love. <3
thank you.
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